As my kids start back to school I would like to pause from this riveting Nutrition series and open my heart a little as a Mom, Integrative Health Coach, Wife and Woman. My babies will begin their 2nd grade journey and Kindergarten journey this year. When the calendar turns to August I have such mixed emotions. Part of me is excited, as then I can pay more uninterrupted attention to Menu To Thrive by gaining new clients, starting new group coaching classes, and so much more. Summer definitely takes a toll on balancing home and work life. Another part of me is overwhelmed with guilt that I didn’t do enough as a mom, we didn’t make enough summer memories, or we didn’t have enough fun. There’s also a part of me that’s screaming for joy because I might be able to grocery shop by myself without the kids playing dart wars with the cherry tomatoes at Whole Foods. And the last part of me is screaming NO! Going back to school is a slap in the face that my kids are getting older and I can’t stop time. I can’t stop bad things from happening to them as they venture out into the world. I can’t stop the processed sugar-ridden food they will put into their mouths this year. I can’t control their friends, and the choices they make when they are away. But, this year I’m focusing on what I can do and that is to support them.

This year I have decided to support them and let it be known to them what Mommy and Daddy’s goal is for them this 2016-2017 school year. Our expectation and goal this year is for everyone in the Jones family to do their best by supporting each other in loving, kind and healthy ways. The support we will provide to ensure everyone does their best is through honoring bedtime, eating healthy meals, choosing from healthy snacks, taking vitamins and supplements, supporting homework (not fighting over it), having dinner together every night and chatting about gratitude, wins, and losses. Mom will volunteer in the classroom and Dad will volunteer with sports. We are in this together! The kids also went on to set goals this school year, my son wants to have more FUN and improve in Math! My daughter wants to plan a monthly craft and become a brave reader! Having a purpose in life, honoring values in life, and setting goals makes this year seem a little easier to swallow. The voices in my head of guilt, pressure, control, and sadness are quieter and calmer. We have smiles on our faces as we push forward into this new school year journey.